Automated tracking of press and media coverage

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Automated tracking of press and media coverage

Post by caruanas » Mon Oct 23, 2017 2:31 pm

We've just finished work on a brand new feature: My Game Reach will now track any media and press coverage your game receives.

It's a fully automated process and does not require any action or prompts from the user's end. My Game Reach goes through a huge list of relevant outlets, checking for places where your game has been mentioned. Over the coming weeks we will be testing intelligent, automated ways to make sure the list of outlets we track keeps on growing organically and remains relevant and up to date.

This feature will become available to all users with our next website update early in November. Keep an eye on our live progress board for updates.

Press coverage chart

We are also hard at work on a press coverage chart, which is a related but separate feature. The coverage chart will help you identify which outlets have (or have not) featured a press release you've sent out, allowing you to keep track of with whom you need to follow up. We will provide you with more details on this very soon.

3rd party API integrations

Some more 3rd party API integrations are on their way too, so stay tuned!
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